Adrie Papma

Director, Operations and Alliance Building

Oxfam Novib
"Responsibly managing forests can halt deforestation and degradation. That is important for millions of people who depend on forests for their livelihoods. The FSC trademark on timber and paper is a guarantee to consumers like us that they come from responsibly managed forests. Oxfam Novib was one of the founders of FSC Netherlands, as we believe that people living in forests should be able to sell their products from responsibly managed forests and Dutch people would buy this timber and paper. And that is happening with a FSC market share expected to grow to 25%. Oxfam Novib uses FSC-timber and –paper."

Over one third of the world’s population lives in poverty. Globally people are fighting for their rights and a decent living. Oxfam Novib supports them and 40 organisations all over the world that work on responsible forest management and reforestation. Oxfam Novib strives for a just world without poverty.